For Amalia

“Today, we will disturb you!”- Thousands of Greeks have been “flooding” the Greek Ministry of Health, the Medical Associations, the Members of the Parliament and the Press with messages of protest, in memory of the young teacher Amalia Kalyvinou, that sadly passed away last week, at the age of 30.

The most massive electronic protest that has ever happened in Greece, is taking place today, on the 1st of June 2007, with the participation of thousands of bloggers that demand efficient doctors, optimum health care, modern equipped and adequately staffed Hospitals for every citizen. This day has been selected as it coincides with the completion of 1 week post Amalia’s farewell to us, a young woman, suffering from cancer, who shouted, protested, fought against the indifference of several doctors, against the bureaucrats of health services and insurances, against the incapacity of the Greek National Health System, against an incompetent State.

The protest that has started since early morning will continue until midnight and it consists just the first step of a barrage of reactions that thousands of Greeks, from every corner of the country and from abroad too, contemplate of taking until a true reform is achieved.

Most of the above protesters are bloggers, creators of sites on the internet, as Amalia Kalyvinou was too. At her own web site, http://fakellaki.blogspot.com/ , she documented her personal experience trying to “shake” consciences not only for her case but for the National Health System in general. Amalia’s electronic diary became well known to public just a short while before her death, when the Greek Press took interest in this young woman’s tragedy.

In today’s protest, anyone who believes that the National Health System should be immediately reformed, has the obligation to participate actively.

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